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August 24, 2020  

Ep 18. Banking (ft. Nathalie Spencer)

August 24, 2020

In this episode, Sarah Bowen and Merle van den Akker discuss the future of behavioural science in banking and financial wellbeing with Nathalie Spencer.
Nathalie is a behavioural scientist and author of Good Money.  


Nathalie currently works as a behavioural scientist at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) where she explores financial decision making and how insights from behavioural science can be used to boost financial wellbeing. Prior to CBA, Nathalie worked in London as a behavioural scientist at ING where she helped develop and publish research on the eZonomics website, as well as the ING International Surveys, and explored financial capability for the Think Forward Initiative. She has also worked as a senior researcher with the Royal Society of Arts, leading the RSA's Social Brain Behavioural Science work.

Finding Natalie:
Twitter (@economiclogic):
Nathalie’s Book “Good Money: Understand your choices. Boost your financial wellbeing.: 20 thought-provoking lessons”:

Links mentioned:

  • The article mentioned by Merle in the intro:
  • Save More Tomorrow – Thaler and Benartzi:
  • The study where digitally aged photos were shown to participants to encourage saving: Hershfield, H. E., Goldstein, D. G., Sharpe, W. F., Fox, J., Yeykelis, L., Carstensen, L. L., & Bailenson, J. N. (2011). Increasing saving behavior through age-progressed renderings of the future self. Journal of Marketing Research, 48(SPL), S23-S37.
  • Brigitte Madrian has done a lot of work on defaults and retirement saving:

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