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May 11, 2020  

Ep 4. Panic Working (ft. Ali Fenwick)

May 11, 2020

Sarah Bowen and Merle van den Akker interview Ali Fenwick on how behavioural science is applied to working from home.

Ali Fenwick is the professor of organizational behaviour and innovation at the Hult International Business School and is the founder and managing partner of LEAD TCM&L. He specializes in the application of behavioural interventions for business improvement, government policy design, communication effectiveness, talent management, mobile application design, and psychographic profiling and has a vast experience in management consulting.

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The Behavioral Economics 2.0 summit held in Rotterdam back in April 2017 can be found here: Look out for 3.0 in 2021!!!

Ali’s Forbes interview on Panic Working:

The Ostrich effect:

Ali’s (viral) video on panic buying:


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